MBC — a multi-band compressor from ToneBoosters

In the never ending over-purchase of plugins for music making, I've started to focus on a few manufacturers, and one of these is the excellent ToneBoosters. Their products cover a lot of bases for mixing and mastering, have decent GUIs, regular updates, good licensing and are not expensive at all. No sales, but some amazing... Continue Reading →

Hotel Utopia — new Blackheart Orchestra album this September

Coming this September 23 is Hotel Utopia, a new album from The Blackheart Orchestra. Full details on their website and you can buy the album in various formats along with various items of memorabilia as well. No doubt it will be on Amazon at some stage as well. There's also a tour, none of which... Continue Reading →

Football ‘came home’

It's taken me several days to process (and the implications are still manifesting) but England beat Germany to become European football champions in Euro 2022. This is widely seen as important, not just for women's football, but far wider. Personally, I'm pleased to have attended a game and delighted at the result. Why are so... Continue Reading →

Euro 22 — the day before the semi-finals

So. Home tournament, and with a little bump on the road, England are in the semi-finals. They might not officially have half an eye on Sunday's final, but I do. All team had problems getting through their quarter finals, and I do feel England vs Spain implied more about our strength than Sweden's performance against... Continue Reading →

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