Van Helsing season 4

Van Helsing I finished Van Helsing season 4 and I have to say my admiration for the show has waned. A lot of the actual writing is fine, but the series as a whole seems to be undergoing a slow-reset, and also drifting over line between science-fiction (it's a virus) and supernatural (Dracula and magic).... Continue Reading →

Loki season 1

Loki I just caught up with the end of Loki season 1. Overall I enjoyed it and am happy there will be a second series. Much like WandaVision, I enjoyed the first half while they built up the story; I felt the second half was padded, but allowed much time for Sylvie and Loki to... Continue Reading →

Euro 2020 — the story so far

Euro 2020 — Kane leaves the field in the Scotland game It's Sunday 20 June 2021 and we've on the cusp of starting the final round of the group games of Euro 2020. For a change [sarcasm] England haven't lived up the the hype. There's been some good football, decent matches but not so much... Continue Reading →

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