Once Upon a Time Season 2 episodes 17-22 rewatch

Emma and Tamara — Once Upon a Time The end of season 2 of Once Upon a Time is the Greg and Tamara story. We had the 'heroes back in the Enchanted Forest' sequence and the 'Cora in Storybrooke' sequence; now the loose ends get tied up. Greg appeared by chance (or so we thought)... Continue Reading →

Sapphire and Steel: Assignment Three

Steel, Sapphire and Silver The second batch of Sapphire and Steel stories was transmitted January–February 1981. This is relevant as, unlike the excellent Assignment Two, I probably didn't see it. I was at university in the early 1980s and this would have been my second term (Lent). TV access was far more limited in 1981... Continue Reading →

Valhalla Space Modulator now free for all

Super Modulator from Valhalla Following the recent (and free) release of Supermassive, Vallhalla DSP has now made Space Modulator free for everyone. Just download! It used to be free for customers only. I really must get some of their much praised reverbs!

Sapphire and Steel: Assignment Two

Sapphire and Steel: Assignment Two If Sapphire and Steel: Assignment One stood on the border between children's science fiction and adult, there is no such ambiguity about the second assignment. If I thought about the show between watching it in the late '70s / early '80s, the one story I remembered had something to do... Continue Reading →

Spitfire Labs Mandolin — free!

Spitfire Labs Mandolin The latest Spitfire Labs free instrument is a well-sampled mandolin. Called simply Mandolin, it's available now. This has four articulations: picked, fingered, tremolo and ensemble.

Summer Solstice 2020 Stonehenge

Solstice 2020 Here's a thing, thanks to English Heritage you can share in the experience of the summer solstice at Stonehenge from home. We live in strange times! More on FaceBook here. We've come some way from the Battle of the Beanfield.

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