Invincible I'm not the hugest fan of comics and animation: I liked Love, Death + Robots, enjoyed Star Trek: Lower Decks, used to own a lot of Judge Dredd comic books, still own Halo Jones and The Watchmen. I'm not a fan of anime, and given the choice I prefer live action. Like audio, animation... Continue Reading →

Spitfire Labs adds an Autoharp

Spitfire Labs Autoharp (Bus Cake) Just one of my occasional reminders to check out the free instruments from Spitfire Audio. The latest is an Autoharp (with the legend 'Bus Cake' on the image), Here's what they say about it: Expand your sound palette with this autoharp, the new backbone to your folk-inspired score or track.... Continue Reading →

Shadow and Bone season 1, eps 1-3

Shadow and Bone Sometimes on Netflix it's another week, another YA fantasy sage drawn from book or comic. The latest, Shadow and Bone looked to have enough to warrant a couple of episodes, which I've now down. A lot of it I've seen (or avoided) before, though it has a few saving graces. The central... Continue Reading →

Arturia releases Pigments 3

Pigments 3 Arturia has released Pigments 3 and it includes a new Harmonic synth engine (additive-like), new effects, filters, noise sources, wavetable entries and 200 presets. Best news? It's free to owners! For an extra €99 (or €19 until sometime in May) you can get and extra 500 presets as well! Rock and Roll!

Love Death + Robots season 1

Love Death + Robots I decided to give Love Death + Robots a go after I spotted it had been renewed. I'm around half-way through; generally I'm liking it and expect to finish this run and will probably try the next. I had to learn what NSFW meant in all the descriptions, and yes it's... Continue Reading →

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