Free VSTs from Spitfire Audio

If you are at all into music creation or composition via your computer, you may well be like me and obsessed with having an ever-increasing range of plugins available. To help quench your thirst (and save money), you might like to visit Spitfire Audio. On their LABS page,  they provide free VST content. What's more... Continue Reading →


The lions roared – World Cup 2018 concluded

So, after a month of Russia 2018, one of the best World Cups in memory, England matched their Italia 90 performance (just about) with Harry Kane's Golden Boot and losing the consolation play-off match to a stronger Belgium. We outperformed and the connection between people and the team is stronger than it has been for... Continue Reading →

The Frankenstein Chronicles series 1 & 2

Thanks to the ever relevant NetFlix (and ignoring today's news of slow growth) I've just watched, and enjoyed, the first two series of The Frankenstein Chronicles. It's set in and around early nineteenth century London and centres on Sean Bean's policeman John Marlot as he explores a world where Mary Shelley's novel is more than a... Continue Reading →

World Cup 2018 – the semi finals!

Wow! England overcame Sweden comfortably and are now in the World Cup semi-finals for only the third time (1966 and 1990 being the others). We play Crotia on Wednesday and then next stop (!!!) the final. Croatia seemed inhibited in their game against Russia, but that's no reason to assume they won't rise to the... Continue Reading →

Timeless runs out of time

So, there won't be a third series of Timeless. There's a good article on SciFi Bulletin (Timeless Feature: World Enough and Timeless?) covering most of what I wanted to say. Yes the grand ending seemed to break lots of rules, but it was a big moment and really changed where the series might have gone. I also... Continue Reading →

World Cup 2018 – one week in

Further thoughts on the 2018 World Cup from Russia as Australia have just drawn their second match 1:1 against Denmark. All in all this is a feast of football; I've seen bits of most matches (or listened to commentary) and there's been a lot happening. VAR still causing arguments, but we have a lot more... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time… The End

So, after seven series with perhaps more than the regulation number of twists and turns, Once Upon a Time has concluded. I was minded to write a series by series breakdown, instead here are some thoughts... What's it about? In case you don't know, Once Upon a Time, is a Disney produced series, summarised by: Fairy stories... Continue Reading →

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