Star Trek: Lower Decks season 1

Stat Trek: Lower Decks I just finished Star Trek: Lower Decks and have to say I liked it more than I thought I might. It's a cartoon with cartoon values of being somewhat silly, a little over the top and having its tongue firmly in its cheek. It took me a little time to get... Continue Reading →

Join Uncle Sam on Mars with my novel Jezero Station — free this weekend

Jezero Crate (co NASA — recoloured) The picture for this post is from NASA and is the surface of Mars (recoloured). NASA landed their Perseverance mission there on Thursday so I've made my novel Jezero Station free for this weekend! Do grab a copy and see what might be waiting in Jezero Crater! If you'd... Continue Reading →

Lost Girl season 2

Lost Girl season 2 I enjoyed Lost Girl season 1 (see here) and I've just enjoyed Lost Girl season 2. It's a long season (22 episodes) and I think I might give it a rest before diving into season 3. Again I found the standard of episodes very consistent, though I have some quibbles. It's... Continue Reading →

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