So, not only is this blog named helmstone underneath Reality Checkpoint, but it’s also the name of a brand new Doctor Who story I wrote. It’s available from today as a free gift from Big Finish to main range subscribers (with either The Silurian Candidate or Time in Office). Isn’t that cool?! I told you I’d been busy!

If you look at my Red Rocket Rising blog there’s more on this here.


So, what did I miss?

I’ve been leaving this blog fallow for a while (July 2013 – August 2017), and no I’ve not been in prison, or abducted by aliens, just busy elsewhere. I just thought I’d post a quick list of some events from the period, just to show how much can happen:

  1. Scottish Independence Referendum, September 2014
  2. UK General Election, May 2015
  3. Brexit vote, June 2016
  4. US Election, November 2016
  5. UK General Election, May 2017.

Please make up your own story.

The journey continues

social blogSo, it’s been a while since I last wandered by and I owe you an update. I still blog elsewhere (obligatory plug here) but perhaps less than I did. In terms of blogging I’ve been on a bit of a journey. Pretentious, I know, but perhaps relevant. Read more of this post

Quick update – July 2013

new-brightonYou’ll have spotted that it’s all been quiet for a while here. I thought I’d better drop by and let you know I still exist, but all my blogging is now going into:

I am starting to trim the odd article here and there and may move this site into maintenance at some point. many posts have had a handful of reads in years so I don’t think they will be missed!

One for Hawkwind Fans

hawkwind 040612Over on WhatCulture.com I write a blog piece 10 Albums Every Hawkwind Fan Should Own which may interest some readers.

Do have a look and let me know what you think.

A Tribute to Huw

Huw TributeJust posted on YouTube is this wonderful tribute to Huw Lloyd-Langton (31st January 2013). It is a performance by Hawkwind of Dragons and Fables a track from The Chronicle of the Black Sword and one that Huw would often play in his solo set. The piece is accompanied by a video with images of Huw playing along with the band as though still involved from his new home on the astral plane.


Atomic Sunrise

Atomic SunriseBack in 1970 between March the 9th and 15th a fantastic line-up of emerging talent appeared at The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm in an event called Atomic Sunrise. Amongst such luminaries as Black Sabbath, Arthur Brown and Quintessence were early appearances by none other than Hawkwind, Genesis and David Bowie.

The timing is wonderful – Genesis were weeks away from a contract and this is the first ever Hawkwind line-up.

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