Space 1999: Breakaway available now!

Twenty years ago today (September 13, 1999) the Moon broke away from Earth orbit, including the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha. Those events have been captured by Big Finish with the release of Space 1999: Breakaway. Writer Nick Briggs has reimagined events first shown 42 years ago in the classic Gerry Anderson show and brings them... Continue Reading →


Another Life: 1.3 Nervous Breakdown review

I have to admit I struggled (again) with this episode, particularly at the start and giving up was very much on the cards. Things on the Salvare then seemed to click and with the threat of death by alien virus, I decided to give Niko and crew one last chance... Nervous Breakdown At first I... Continue Reading →

Fire Maidens of Outer Space review

When Fire Maidens of Outer Space appeared on the EPG for Talking Pictures TV, the title of this 1956 film alone was enough to tempt me to record it. It didn't take much watching to realise it's really not very good. The Radio Times is one of many places to damn it in their review, and they even cite an... Continue Reading →

Chromatic Fire – Happy Birthday Maschine!

Native Instruments has released Chromatic Fire, a free expansion for all Maschine users. It's nice to have, not genre specific and a welcome gift. This while the company is going through a difficult restructure. Who knows what the future while bring. Being selfish I wonder if we'll get an Expansion sale and a new release of Maschine.... Continue Reading →

London Atmos from Spitfire Audio

I haven't mentioned Spitfire Audio for a while, but here's a timely reminder they still give out freebies every month on their Labs page. For September 2019 they've released London Atmos and I think it's one of the best for ages (they've all been interesting). It's probably a result of having worked in London for far too... Continue Reading →

More thoughts on Massive X

Native Instruments has put up some links to third party videos for using Massive X. There's some interesting material, but it also demonstrates how much work is needed to really make this product shine. Unlike when Massive launched, soft synths are everywhere and competition is strong. Massive X needs to do better. It's still worth... Continue Reading →

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