The end of a blog

I've decided to revisit my presence on the web and simplify one of my blogs by deleting it and starting again! Don't worry, it's not this one, even though it might be a candidate for some serious housekeeping! The blog in question is my writing blog The Craft of Words. It's been neglected, has too little... Continue Reading →


Helmstone: The Journey Continues

I've decided to re-launch the look and feel of this site ahead of some actual new content. Don't panic, there's no reason to be alarmed! I've decided there needs to be more science fiction on this site, due to the amount of great shows on Netflix I've been watching. Stay tuned!

The journey continues

So, it's been a while since I last wandered by and I owe you an update. I still blog elsewhere (obligatory plug here) but perhaps less than I did. In terms of blogging I've been on a bit of a journey. Pretentious, I know, but perhaps relevant. Blogging - a seven year journey Who'd have... Continue Reading →

Dead blog panic

Having carefully migrated my blog (Red Rocket Rising - thanks for asking!) and tweaked the styles, CSS, taxonomy and added some choice plug-ins what was I to do next? Answer, of course, start fiddling! One Sunday morning I added a few plug-ins and a security plug-in, fiddled with the settings then... Dead Blog Yes, suddenly... Continue Reading →

Self-hosting – what did I decide

Back in June I posted on the topic of selecting a hosting service and moving away from (here). Well I made my decision and have chosen Vidahost and thought I would compare my actual decision with the strategy I outlined in June. If you are interested in how I made my choice or just generally... Continue Reading →

Self-hosting – the big one!

So, I've hit that 'wouldn't it be nice to do more with my blog but can't easily on' stage. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but praise for but would like to have the flexibility that self-hosting brings. This does of course mean cost and risk. I have found that a simple... Continue Reading →

I should be so lucky…

Sadly not an excuse to talk about Kylie (though I keep the picture!) but a short chat about luck - does it exist and are some people luckier than others? Also what does this all have to do with somebody called Teela Brown? I was prompted to write this after an experience recently; on a... Continue Reading →

Google+ Thought

I have been on google+ for  a few weeks now and whilst recognising that it is early days, I am massively missing the point. I have pondered for a while and now I know what I don't like - basically it ain't twitter! What do I mean? Well in twitter you find some minor celebrity,... Continue Reading →

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