Native Instruments releases Modular Icons

Hot on the heels of Reaktor synth Super 8, Native Instruments has released a new Kontact Play instrument, Modular Icons. It's a like the other Play instruments in it layers two sounds together with some mixing capabilities and a bunch of effects. But there's a lot more here... Modular Icons First it's released in aid of the... Continue Reading →


Native Instruments releases Super 8

While we wait for Massive X to arrive this summer, Native Instruments has released a new synth (based on REAKTOR) called SUPER 8. Not to be confused with the about to arrive hardware Super 6 from Bristol based UDO, this is a software synth offering 8-voices and a "modern take on polysynth sounds". It comes with 350... Continue Reading →

The Komplete Logic convergence

In case you're wondering, this post is about the overlap (at least in my mind) between Logic Pro X and the Native Instruments Komplete 12 software. If you've popped by the checkpoint before, you'll notice I've been dabbling with Komplete 12 and other bits of Native Instruments vast range, and the purpose of this post is... Continue Reading →

Komplete 12 Select – first thoughts

I put together funds to get the upgrade to Native Instruments Komplete Select 12 from the version included with Maschine Mikro Mk3. I've had a dabble with most of it, some I really like, others I'm not quite so sure about. It's very early days and unfair to judge but that doesn't stop me blogging!... Continue Reading →

Praising the Hawkwind Passport

Many, many years ago I applied for something called a Hawkwind Passport. It's a small paper document with various details about my world of residence, clone classification and other such details. I believe you can take it to gigs and get the odd freebie from it. As it happens it's been stuck in a drawer... Continue Reading →

Komplete Start – first thoughts

Friday 22 February 2019 saw Native Instruments release the free Komplete Start package. It's free and not rubbish so it's hard to criticise it (though some will). It was popular enough it brought the NI servers to their knees. meaning it took over an hour from registering to availability of downloads. All details. The purpose of... Continue Reading →

Komplete Start coming February 2019

Just as I was avidly scanning news from NAMM 2019, and getting excited about the raft of Korg announcements (the Minilogue xd looks very interesting) along comes something from Native Instruments I'm even more excited for. It's four new product announcements as well as lots of updates (Maschine 2.8;-), and I'd like here to focus... Continue Reading →

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