Maschine: second impressions

As I wrote in Welcome to the Maschine, I was impressed by the novelty and potential of Maschine, though all without trying it out in anger. Now I've has a Mikro Mk 3 for a short while, what do I think so far? Impressions I'm still pleased I bought it, and am still very much getting to grips... Continue Reading →


A list of great gigs

Over the years I've seen a few bands and many gigs in places ranging from fields to stadiums. I've loved many of them, been disappointed in some and surprised by a good few. I thought I'd collect together a list of the ones I'm most glad to have seen. I've left out all the Hawkwind... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Maschine

If you start to explore the world of music making via computer, you soon come across some regular themes. One is what DAW do I need / what's the best / what's right for me? Another is about what sounds to buy, what's good freeware. These things depend on context. As a novice music maker... Continue Reading →

Free VSTs from Spitfire Audio

If you are at all into music creation or composition via your computer, you may well be like me and obsessed with having an ever-increasing range of plugins available. To help quench your thirst (and save money), you might like to visit Spitfire Audio. On their LABS page,  they provide free VST content. What's more... Continue Reading →

One for Hawkwind Fans

Over on I write a blog piece 10 Albums Every Hawkwind Fan Should Own which may interest some readers. Do have a look and let me know what you think.

A Tribute to Huw

Just posted on YouTube is this wonderful tribute to Huw Lloyd-Langton (31st January 2013). It is a performance by Hawkwind of Dragons and Fables a track from The Chronicle of the Black Sword and one that Huw would often play in his solo set. The piece is accompanied by a video with images of Huw playing along with... Continue Reading →

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