So, what did I miss?

I’ve been leaving this blog fallow for a while (July 2013 – August 2017), and no I’ve not been in prison, or abducted by aliens, just busy elsewhere. I just thought I’d post a quick list of some events from the period, just to show how much can happen:

  1. Scottish Independence Referendum, September 2014
  2. UK General Election, May 2015
  3. Brexit vote, June 2016
  4. US Election, November 2016
  5. UK General Election, May 2017.

Please make up your own story.


December 2012 – In memory of those who are no longer with us

Unlike previous months, I thought I would take note of those who have passed away this December 2012 and who have had an impact on my life.

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Cinema Museum

I was in London attending the Cult Publishers Expo which was held in a little known (to me) location called the Cinema Museum. Separate to enjoying the Expo itself I also liked the location hence this little blog piece.

For those that want to just know about the Museum directly please feel free to click here else stay tuned for my thoughts…

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Was Deep Thought Wrong?

I was watching the live feed from the conference which announced the Higgs Boson had been probably detected (as far as I understand what went on) and also tracking the tweets from somebody I knew in the audience. My theoretical physics days are well behind me; as an undergraduate I celebrated the confirmation of the W-particle with a beer (I think it was the W, whatever that is!), now I followed the unfolding events merely to remind myself of days gone by.

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I should be so lucky…

Sadly not an excuse to talk about Kylie (though I keep the picture!) but a short chat about luck – does it exist and are some people luckier than others? Also what does this all have to do with somebody called Teela Brown? I was prompted to write this after an experience recently; on a bus through London I snapped a picture of a big orange ball in Trafalgar Square. I tweeted about it and by the time I got off the bus Tropicana thanked me for mentioned their advertising and offered me a free drink! Lucky old me – or is it?!

Not sure where this will go so strap yourselves in for the ride!

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Death of the Album

I have seen several pieces on the death of the CD recently such as this one here on The Register; whilst this is all very interesting I am more worried about the real tragedy here – the Death of the Album!

Why is this important I detect you thinking? Well read on and find out!

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Faster than the speed of light?

So in the last few days we have all been excited by the suggestion (here) that CERN may have sent some neutrinos either faster than the speed of light / backwards in time [which may be the same thing in Einstein’s General Relativity. I have worried (here) about Relativity before, so here I go again!

I don’t propose  to explain the tenets of Relativity here, just do some basic (partly informed analysis). See you after the break…

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