December 2012 – In memory of those who are no longer with us

Unlike previous months, I thought I would take note of those who have passed away this December 2012 and who have had an impact on my life.

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Huw Lloyd Langton: 1951 – 2012

Huw Lloyd LangtonHuw Lloyd Langton, sometime lead guitarist and more recently support act for Hawkwind passed away on the night of December 6th – 7th 2012 having been fighting cancer for the last two years. Huw had not been well for some years having suffered from kidney failure, brittle bones and Legionnaires’s Disease at various times.

I don’t intend to reprise Huw’s career – if you knew of Huw you probably know everything I do about his time in and out of Hawkwind; instead I thought I’d record a few of my own memories.

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Dead blog panic

Having carefully migrated my blog (Red Rocket Rising – thanks for asking!) and tweaked the styles, CSS, taxonomy and added some choice plug-ins what was I to do next? Answer, of course, start fiddling! One Sunday morning I added a few plug-ins and a security plug-in, fiddled with the settings then…

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Blog migration – how easy was it?

First up an apology: I had intended to post an in depth sequence of learning guiding you through my migration experience and sharing all my lessons learned. I wanted to show you how careful you have to be with WordPress so as not to accidentally lose all your content. I wanted to make sure no-one else had to worry before upgrading their hosting. My new location for my Doctor Who blog is now Red Rocket Rising.

In actual fact it was pretty simple and mostly just worked. For what it’s worth here is what I did.

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The latest issue of Cam the magazine for alumni (see here) has a feature on Fitzbillie’s that Cambridge icon know, if for nothing else, as the purveyor of the finest Chelsea Buns ever enjoyed. When I was at Cambridge in the early 1980s these were ubiquitous and regular queues formed through the shop door to get them while they were fresh. If you go to the Fitzbillie’s Website you can even order some delivered to you anywhere on earth – what are you waiting for?

I believe they also served them at the Cavendish Lab canteen. I know that mid-morning the sticky buns would sell out fast with everyone scrabbling to have one with their morning coffee. The acid test for quality was to place one on a plate then invert the plate; if the sticky allowed the bun to stay on the plate upside-down then you had a good bun.

Simpler times?

What memories of Fitzbillie’s do you have? Let me know!

Cinema Museum

I was in London attending the Cult Publishers Expo which was held in a little known (to me) location called the Cinema Museum. Separate to enjoying the Expo itself I also liked the location hence this little blog piece.

For those that want to just know about the Museum directly please feel free to click here else stay tuned for my thoughts…

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Self-hosting – what did I decide

Back in June I posted on the topic of selecting a hosting service and moving away from (here). Well I made my decision and have chosen Vidahost and thought I would compare my actual decision with the strategy I outlined in June. If you are interested in how I made my choice or just generally intrigued by the task of moving to self-hosted why not read on? There’s a link and I provide a discount code if you’re interested!

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