1978 – a year in science fiction

The meander through the 1970s in science fiction reaches 1978. This is my list of things of the time a science fiction fan might well have read/ watched/ listened to, or at least been aware of. It's aimed someone in the UK. Feel free to comment. 1978 This isn't meant to be complete, but there... Continue Reading →


1977 – a year in science fiction

My 1970s science fiction journey hits 1977. Is this the most significant year of the decade for science fiction fans? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Perhaps a quick think about what was released in 1977 a teenage fan in the UK might have noticed. Comments welcome. 1977 Science fiction books Kate Wilhelm won the Hugo for Where Late... Continue Reading →

Travellers series 3

Netflix has just prompted me to watch the trailer for Travellers series 3. There's an enormous amount I like about this show and the trailer makes it very clear there is no magic reset button fixing the cliffhanger from series 2. At some point I'll write something longer about why I like this show and how... Continue Reading →

1973 – a year in science fiction

Continuing my series of posts on key moments in science fiction in the 1970s, it's the turn of 1973! More info in my 1970 post. As usuals let me know what key piece of science fiction I've missed in the comments. Thanks for reading! 1973 Remember this is not an exhaustive list, just those elements a... Continue Reading →

1972 – a year in science fiction

As I said in my 1970 post, I'm putting together a book on science fiction in the 1970s. It's UK centric and personal, but I'm also interested in some other perspectives as well. If you've any observations on my choices for 1972, please let me know in the comments. Anything missing would be appreciated! 1972 Science... Continue Reading →

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