Star Trek Discovery 2.5 Saints of Imperfection review

Another week and another enjoyable episode of Star Trek Discovery; this time it's the sharply focussed Saints of Imperfection. It's all about getting the band back together with everyone on their toes and several of the cast turning in very strong performances. Spoilers follow... Saints of Imperfection The main thrust of this episode is finding Tilly, following... Continue Reading →


Just Who Was Roger Zelazny?

When I reviewed Doorways in the Sand I assumed its author, Roger Zelazny, was better known than might be the case. If you want to know more about this highly respected and influential writer, the Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction entry is here. Meeting Roger Zelazny One year I was working on a friends bookstand at a... Continue Reading →

Just Who Was John Wyndham?

I've done a few posts on Day of the Triffids and while I hope most science fiction fans have some idea of John Wyndham and his works, perhaps I am making the same assumption I did about Nigel Kneale. In case you do want to know more about John Wyndham, here's a great reference from The... Continue Reading →

Just who was Nigel Kneale?

When I gave the news about the possibility of new Quatermass, I did rather assume people would know about this classic 1950s BBC science fiction series and its creator Nigel Kneale. For those who don't, here's a good piece by Andrew Martin from the BBC Genome Blog: The Sunday Post: Nigel Kneale. Let me know if... Continue Reading →

More Quatermass!

There's been overnight news of a new Quatermass film in the offing and there's involvement from Hammer Films whose 1967 version of Quatermass and the Pit I still admire, though the original is better (and available on BBC iPlayer at present). If you don't know, Quatermass is a classic science fiction series made by the BBC in... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Discovery: 2.2 New Eden

I was gripped by New Eden almost from the first scene and even if the various pieces of the plot slotted together very neatly, there's a lot here to live and ponder the implications of. It felt very much in the mould of a Star Trek Original Series story with plenty to do for the away team and... Continue Reading →

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