Cinema Museum

I was in London attending the Cult Publishers Expo which was held in a little known (to me) location called the Cinema Museum. Separate to enjoying the Expo itself I also liked the location hence this little blog piece. For those that want to just know about the Museum directly please feel free to click... Continue Reading →


It’s the economy stupid

Why is the post not like it used to be? Looking back over the years always brings amusement and we always think our own perspective to be unique. In the UK it is easy to gripe about how the Royal Mail isn't as good as it used to be; in the 70s we had two... Continue Reading →

Psycho History Killer

Snappy title but... As anyone who wanders around this tiny corner of cyberspace (remember when it was called that!) knows I worry about things like time travel and thermodynamics.¬†¬†This all means that whilst I enjoy my sci-fi, I have to suspend a lot of belief to do so. One case that brings this together well... Continue Reading →

Footprints in the sands of time

That by which we are remembered Introduction This week saw the vanity publication of Tony Blair's Journey setting out how he'd like to be remembered. Sadly it is posterity that does the remembering and not us, so I've penned a few jottings on how some people get remembered. Enjoy! Longfellow In the poem A Psalm... Continue Reading →

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