So, not only is this blog named helmstone underneath Reality Checkpoint, but it’s also the name of a brand new Doctor Who story I wrote. It’s available from today as a free gift from Big Finish to main range subscribers (with either The Silurian Candidate or Time in Office). Isn’t that cool?! I told you I’d been busy!

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Quick update – July 2013

new-brightonYou’ll have spotted that it’s all been quiet for a while here. I thought I’d better drop by and let you know I still exist, but all my blogging is now going into:

I am starting to trim the odd article here and there and may move this site into maintenance at some point. many posts have had a handful of reads in years so I don’t think they will be missed!

December 2012 – In memory of those who are no longer with us

Unlike previous months, I thought I would take note of those who have passed away this December 2012 and who have had an impact on my life.

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The latest issue of Cam the magazine for alumni (see here) has a feature on Fitzbillie’s that Cambridge icon know, if for nothing else, as the purveyor of the finest Chelsea Buns ever enjoyed. When I was at Cambridge in the early 1980s these were ubiquitous and regular queues formed through the shop door to get them while they were fresh. If you go to the Fitzbillie’s Website you can even order some delivered to you anywhere on earth – what are you waiting for?

I believe they also served them at the Cavendish Lab canteen. I know that mid-morning the sticky buns would sell out fast with everyone scrabbling to have one with their morning coffee. The acid test for quality was to place one on a plate then invert the plate; if the sticky allowed the bun to stay on the plate upside-down then you had a good bun.

Simpler times?

What memories of Fitzbillie’s do you have? Let me know!

Cinema Museum

I was in London attending the Cult Publishers Expo which was held in a little known (to me) location called the Cinema Museum. Separate to enjoying the Expo itself I also liked the location hence this little blog piece.

For those that want to just know about the Museum directly please feel free to click here else stay tuned for my thoughts…

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The Mermaids in God’s Eye

There is a moment in the film Mermaids when Cher’s character slaps her daughter (played by Winona Ryder) in the middle of an argument. The shock of the blow causes both of them to pause, and there is a splendid moment when they realise that they are arguing hammer and tongs not because they are very different but because they are very similar.

This obviously reminded me of the great 1970s novel The Mote in God’s Eye by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. If you don’t get the reference or the similarity I will explain it all after the break!

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Was Deep Thought Wrong?

I was watching the live feed from the conference which announced the Higgs Boson had been probably detected (as far as I understand what went on) and also tracking the tweets from somebody I knew in the audience. My theoretical physics days are well behind me; as an undergraduate I celebrated the confirmation of the W-particle with a beer (I think it was the W, whatever that is!), now I followed the unfolding events merely to remind myself of days gone by.

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