Doorways in the Sand by Roger Zelazny review

As part of my tour of 1970s science fiction, I've been catching up with some favourite titles and some I missed at the time, despite the relative paucity of new titles being released compared to today. Roger Zelazny's Doorways in the Sand is one of the latter. Quick review: I didn't like it. Long review... Doorways... Continue Reading →


Star Trek Discovery 2:1 Brother

So, season two of Star Trek Discovery is with us, and there's a lot to like. In the main I think it's a hit, though there are things I didn't like and felt it dragged slightly. I'll expound... Star Trek Discovery 2:1 Brother Despite the ship being the Discovery, the one thing we didn't really discover... Continue Reading →

The War of the Worlds on audio

While I'm waiting for the new BBC epic War of the Worlds, I thought I'd point out some audio adaptations (ie not audiobook readings) of the HG Wells story. I assume everyone has heard the Jeff Wayne (brilliant) musical version from the 1970s, but there are more and far more recent, all following HG Wells work... Continue Reading →

The Martians are Coming (home)!

One of my most anticipated things for 2019 is the BBC bringing the HG Wells classic The War of the Worlds to the small screen. Apart from the casting (below) it's also the first time War of the Worlds has been adapted for screen with British actors and set in Edwardian England! The two films were both... Continue Reading →

The Night of the Triffids

While I'm making notes on all things Triffid, I should also mention Night of the Triffids the authorised sequel to John Wyndham's novel, written by Simon Clark. It's a cracking story with a lot of new ideas and certainly worth a read. It's also available on a Big Finish audio. I wrote this review for Starburst... Continue Reading →

The Day of the Triffids (TV) (1981)

Following the Howard Keel film of 1962, John Wyndham fans had to wait until 1981 for the BBC to bring Day of the Triffids to the small screen. Broadcast between 10 September and 15 October (on Thursdays), memory tells me these were very good, and a rewatch a few years ago (following a 2014 reshowing on... Continue Reading →

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