Star Trek Discovery 2.10: The Red Angel

Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery continues to impress, with The Red Angel packing some real punches in terms of performances, details and twists. I can't see how to review it without substantial spoilers so please don't read on unless you've seen it. No really, please watch first! The Red Angel The opening dwelt on the funeral for... Continue Reading →


Star Trek Discovery: 2.9 Project Daedalus review

Another week another storming episode of Star Trek Discovery, this time another Jonathan Frakes directed classic, Project Daedalus. There's Section 31, plenty of bridge time, Spock and Michael, Red Angel mystery and more, but it's really all about Airiam. Let's boldly go! 'Ware spoilers! Project Daedalus As to what Project Daedalus (named for the father of Icarus)... Continue Reading →

Hear Red Moon for free (UK)

I just discovered the brilliant Red Moon is available on BBC Sounds (A UK service) meaning you can hear this superb Wireless Theatre Company drama for free! The relevant page is: Red Moon.

Just who was Frederik Pohl?

If you aren't sure who Frederik Pohl, author of recently reviewed Gateway was, here's a link to his Encyclopaedia Britannica entry: Frederik Pohl, American Author. There's the obligatory Encyclopedia of Science Fiction entry: Pohl, Frederik and even a link to his website (maintained until at least 2016): Frederik Pohl. Let me know if I've missed any others I should have!... Continue Reading →

Gateway by Frederik Pohl review

As part of my research for a book on 1970s science fiction, I have read some long-overlooked gems and re-read some fondly remembered titles. Gateway the multi-award winning novel by Frederik Pohl is very much one of the latter. It's a book I read when it first hit the UK in paperback and I loved it,... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Discovery renewed for Season 3

Given how good Season 2 has been so far, it can't be a surprise to hear Star Trek Discovery is renewed for Season 3. More of a surprise is an announcement mid-way through this run. The reason? The series is doing much better than the targets set for it. See what happens when you produce quality?!

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