World Cup 2018 – one week in

Further thoughts on the 2018 World Cup from Russia as Australia have just drawn their second match 1:1 against Denmark. All in all this is a feast of football; I've seen bits of most matches (or listened to commentary) and there's been a lot happening. VAR still causing arguments, but we have a lot more... Continue Reading →


Once Upon a Time… The End

So, after seven series with perhaps more than the regulation number of twists and turns, Once Upon a Time has concluded. I was minded to write a series by series breakdown, instead here are some thoughts... What's it about? In case you don't know, Once Upon a Time, is a Disney produced series, summarised by: Fairy stories... Continue Reading →

In praise of Timeless

Thanks to the streaming giants, there's a lot of choice of science fiction / fantasy viewing and even narrowing down to a niche can lead to a watch list longer than most people have time to watch. I would just like to make a mention for the NBC show Timeless. Time Travel on TV Putting Doctor Who to... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Discovery Season 1

We've had plenty of time to reflect on Season 1 of Star Trek Discovery, and in my mind it's more hit than miss. Not perfect, but decent entertainment. Is it still Star Trek? I think so. I'll explain... What was good It looked fabulous, there were many cinematic moments and good twists (and very dark they were... Continue Reading →


So, not only is this blog named helmstone underneath Reality Checkpoint, but it's also the name of a brand new Doctor Who story I wrote. It's available from today as a free gift from Big Finish to main range subscribers (with either The Silurian Candidate or Time in Office). Isn't that cool?! I told you I'd been busy! If you look... Continue Reading →

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