Remember the Moment!

To help with the memory here are a few selected tweets re: Reading return to the Premier League! It’s a good time to be a fan!


Google+ Thought

I have been on google+ for  a few weeks now and whilst recognising that it is early days, I am massively missing the point. I have pondered for a while and now I know what I don’t like – basically it ain’t twitter! What do I mean? Well in twitter you find some minor celebrity, friend, organisation or anything else follow them and the hey presto you have a bunch of stuff appearing in your stream.

Meanwhile on google+ you have the great circles idea (which would overlay well onto twitter and allow me to split my stream) but what happens is you need to wait to be added to things. If no-one adds you you get no updates. Also I can’t spot a search function nor a trending function so I have no sense of what is going on.

Cognoscenti will no doubt tell me to use facebook – they may be right but I will ignore that.

I don’t though know how google+ can ever scale – can I imagine Stephen Fry sitting and adding 100,000s of people to his ‘hoi polloi’ circle? I think not.

Seems like a problem to me!