The problem(s) with tablets…

We all love the idea of tablets, and I have gone on about them recently (eg here). What I would do in this post is point out the four things that I think are wrong with all tablet devices (yes even the holy iPad). I believe that in the future we will look back in amusement... Continue Reading →


Sun Tzu’s Art of Tablet Marketing

Further to my earlier thoughts on tablets, iPads and Kindles (e.g. here and here) and triggered by an article or two on The Register (here and here) I thought that maybe what is needed here is some insight from Sun Tzu (he who wrote the Art of War, see wiki if this is new to you). I... Continue Reading →

Kindle, Kindle, little star

We all know what the Kindle is and (at least in the UK) it is the ebook reader of choice. I know that in the US the Barnes & Noble Nook has made an impact but that device hasn't crossed the pond. While I like a good book to hold I see the attraction in e-books... Continue Reading →

Roberts Stream 83i review

Summary Yes it's just a piece of domestic technology but (as I will attempt to argue below) this is a deceptive little item that packs a punch and has been a very pleasing purchase. I think (coupled with some other key bits of technology (some of which are here) it can be part of another... Continue Reading →

Step Changes in Technology

What is this about? Technology continually changes and in ICT in particular there is continual change. Some of this is mere produce improvement, some of it is marketing nonsense but some of it is truly game changing or so successful it outstays all predictions. In fact the inability to predict the game changers is part... Continue Reading →

Topfield 5800 PVR

Summary Sometimes you buy a bit of technology and wonder how you lived without it; you are taken to a new level in capability and would never do without again. In a bid to re-balance this blog towards its original aspirations I present my review of the Topfield 5800 PVR (or toppy as everyone calls... Continue Reading →

So how does that work?

I didn't know it did that! In an increasingly complex world of smart phones, pads, home computers, software for everything more and more people are using less and less of the capability of things that they have. Some of this is the sheer versatility of technology, but I suspect more is sheer ignorance or even... Continue Reading →

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