The problem(s) with tablets…

We all love the idea of tablets, and I have gone on about them recently (eg here). What I would do in this post is point out the four things that I think are wrong with all tablet devices (yes even the holy iPad). I believe that in the future we will look back in amusement... Continue Reading →


The Next Kindle – a (loss) Leader in waiting

As I discussed here I think the much rumoured Android / tablet / next Kindle [possibly due Autumn 2011] has a decent chance of being a success. I thought I have covered all the ground as to why, but a new rumour has speculated overnight - the price will be 20-25% below cost in order to... Continue Reading →

Kindle, Kindle, little star

We all know what the Kindle is and (at least in the UK) it is the ebook reader of choice. I know that in the US the Barnes & Noble Nook has made an impact but that device hasn't crossed the pond. While I like a good book to hold I see the attraction in e-books... Continue Reading →

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