Are we living in a new Golden Age of Science Fiction

Conventional wisdom, particularly when I became seriously interested in science fiction in the 1970s, was of a Golden Age back in the 1940s, or perhaps '50s (depending on whose views you took). While not disputing that, I believe there have been other Golden Ages (and am writing [slowly] a book to that effect. Until then... Continue Reading →


Star Trek Discovery Season 1

We've had plenty of time to reflect on Season 1 of Star Trek Discovery, and in my mind it's more hit than miss. Not perfect, but decent entertainment. Is it still Star Trek? I think so. I'll explain... What was good It looked fabulous, there were many cinematic moments and good twists (and very dark they were... Continue Reading →

Vortex Books

If you lived in Brighton in the 1970s and 80s and were into sci-fi then there was only one place to hang out - Vortex Books not far from Preston Circus. This was a shop that sold both comics and books and only sci-fi/fantasy. This was in the days before CDs / VHS /DVDs so... Continue Reading →

Spaceship design

Just a quick one; noticed this in The Register today, an article about how sci-fi spaceships should look. This reminded me that the Beeb did something along these lines that I mentioned in this piece here. Anyway, really just an excuse to say (again) that the real answer is look at the work of Chris... Continue Reading →

Psycho History Killer

Snappy title but... As anyone who wanders around this tiny corner of cyberspace (remember when it was called that!) knows I worry about things like time travel and thermodynamics.  This all means that whilst I enjoy my sci-fi, I have to suspend a lot of belief to do so. One case that brings this together well... Continue Reading →

So how does that work?

I didn't know it did that! In an increasingly complex world of smart phones, pads, home computers, software for everything more and more people are using less and less of the capability of things that they have. Some of this is the sheer versatility of technology, but I suspect more is sheer ignorance or even... Continue Reading →

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