Hawkwind 4th June 2012

So having tucked into my Jubilee street party grub I made my way to Southampton (The Brook) to see the mighty Hawkwind for (maybe) the 26th time (I have lost track). Excellent support was provided by Huw Lloyd Langton (review here). I quite like the new album Onward (review here) and was looking forward to a decent evening in the midst of our four day weekend (thanks your majesty!). The picture is from my Flickr stream which should be accessible on the right somewhere!

So how was the gig?

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Huw Lloyd Langton – 4th June 2012

Post street party Monday June 4th 2012 found me at The Brook in Southampton to see Hawkwind (reviewed here) supported by Huw Lloyd Langton. [NB my pictures of the gig are on Flickr here]. Huw came on stage around 8:30 and despite some technical problems (more later) gave a decent account of himself and naturally the crowd had nothing but respect for him. I myself have seen Huw over the years playing lead in front of a packed crowd at Hammersmith Odeon (as was), in a field in Oxford and in support for odd gigs in recent years. Clearly various illnesses and other challenges have left their mark but this was, at least for me, a decent little set.

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Maylands Café

If you find yourself after a spot of grub in or near Hemel Hempstead (I often drop in when passing on the M1 – it is only five minutes detour) then the only place to go is the Maylands Café (1 Maylands Avenue). The picture here shows the staff being awarded a cheque for best Builder’s Breakfast earlier in 2011 – I have been visiting here for five or six years and have never had a bad cup of tea or a meal I didn’t like.

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Hawklords, O2 Oxford, 20th October 2011

Went to an enjoyable gig in Oxford on Thursday October 20th 2011 where (for the first time) I saw the Hawlords in action at the O2 in Oxford. If you are in a rush all you need to know is that it was a good gig and they are well worth seeing; if you have a bit more time why not stay and read on after the break?!

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So I bought a Kobo touch!

Having worried about Kindle / tablet and gotten excited over the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch I was disappointed that there would be no UK launch in the near future. WH Smiths then announced the UK launch of the Kobo Touch for Monday just gone so I cracked and bought one. The unit is solid enough, the touch screen is ok as long as you don’t type too fast and I am (so far) pleased. For more early thoughts see me after the break

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Ryka’s Café – Boxhill A24 near Dorking

Tucked away in a car park / picnic area between the M25 and Dorking on the A24 Ryka’s café is a decent place to break a journey and grab something to eat. It reminded me a bit of Ockham Bites (see here) but I prefer this to that, though obviously it all depends on where you are travelling. It is also very popular with bikers and has lots of posters to that effect.

A more detailed review follows…

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Castle Sandwich Bar, 54 Paul St EC2A 4LN


A highly un-reconstructed breakfast / lunch stop dating from 1970 somewhere off the beaten track between Old Street and Barbican. This is another in a random series of reviews of cafés which the regular reader will be aware are something of a favourite of mine, for example in this posting in praise of the greasy spoon.

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