Troll Below?

I have noticed several bridges here in Dublin have the phrase 'Troll Below?' sprayed on them through a stencil about A4 size. I have seen this on a few bridges and google gives me no answers (except a photo I have borrowed). I note this out of curiosity but also out of loyalty to all¬†graffiti¬†adorned... Continue Reading →


It’s the economy stupid

Why is the post not like it used to be? Looking back over the years always brings amusement and we always think our own perspective to be unique. In the UK it is easy to gripe about how the Royal Mail isn't as good as it used to be; in the 70s we had two... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Thermodynamics

Science can be fun - really! Why write this piece? Early January 2011 the BBC science show Horizon presented a show led by the comedian Ben Miller who also it transpires studied for a PhD in Physics in Cambridge at the Cavendish! As he was so kind as to spend several minutes talking in front... Continue Reading →

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