Kobo Touch and the Kobo experience – week 1

So as I mentioned I bought a Kobo Touch, a device I like but I do feel the overall experience needs adapting a bit for the UK and also the device would benefit from some more UI tuning options. Given the enthusiasm I perceive the company has for the product I hope some of this may come about.

If you want to know more, stay tuned after the break…

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PDF conversion for EPUB

Observant readers will have spotted that I have been obsessing about ereaders recently and have just bought a Kobo Touch (see here for the details). I have, therefore. started to work on converting a stack of PDF files into EPUB format for reading on said device (don’t bother with native PDF support on any of these devices, the nature of PDF files means they always render in a particular page format so can not be read without scrolling on any portable device smaller than the paper for which they are intended). I immediately found out why people find it so difficult! I don’t really have a good solution (so far) but I at least understand the problem.

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So I bought a Kobo touch!

Having worried about Kindle / tablet and gotten excited over the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch I was disappointed that there would be no UK launch in the near future. WH Smiths then announced the UK launch of the Kobo Touch for Monday just gone so I cracked and bought one. The unit is solid enough, the touch screen is ok as long as you don’t type too fast and I am (so far) pleased. For more early thoughts see me after the break

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Kobo here I come!

So I cracked – I couldn’t wait any longer. Having been hyped up by Amazon then let down (see here) I went into WH Smiths first thing Monday and bought a kobo (see here as to why).

So far it is fine – I have update the firmware and put on some free books including an EPUB I made from a PDF file. Expect some more detailed posts in the next few weeks!

Kobo to the rescue?

With no news of when (or even if) the Kindle Touch will hit the UK, well done to WH Smiths who have today announced a deal with Kobo to sell the Kobo Touch in the UK almost immediately (today is October 13th – US availability of Kindle Touch is November) and behind it is a massive book store with 2.2m titles (though it doesn’t hold a candle to Amazon.co.uk). I have a serious dilemma now – this could fed my gadget addiction, has a decent screen and uses a non-proprietary format!