Layered Internet

The Internet is like a cake - always popular but you have too much and it makes you sick. No, not really (well maybe yes). The analogy I am actually after pertains only to certain types of cake. Start again... The Internet is like a layered cake - it has layers. Not as dramatic I... Continue Reading →


Psycho History Killer

Snappy title but... As anyone who wanders around this tiny corner of cyberspace (remember when it was called that!) knows I worry about things like time travel and thermodynamics.¬†¬†This all means that whilst I enjoy my sci-fi, I have to suspend a lot of belief to do so. One case that brings this together well... Continue Reading →

Playing the Oak Trombone

What is this about? Sad old seasoned commuters collect little tricks as they get used to moving around London; they know where you can change tube lines easily, where key bus routes go and where to stand on the platform so as to be near the exit when they get off the tube. This is... Continue Reading →

What are Words Worth?

The Strength and Weakness of the English Language Why Write this? Recently a friend of mine tweeted despairingly on the subject of language abuse, in this particular case the 'nouning' of invite (nouning being an example of verbing;-). I initially pointed out that growing old inevitably leads one to bemoaning abuse of language by the... Continue Reading →

Work – what is it good for?

Is the five day week a good idea? Summary Now I realise that the five day week is somewhat notional, and many people work shifts, part time, weekends and so forth, but in the round a lot of us spend a lot of time working when we could be doing something else. Not all of... Continue Reading →

So how does that work?

I didn't know it did that! In an increasingly complex world of smart phones, pads, home computers, software for everything more and more people are using less and less of the capability of things that they have. Some of this is the sheer versatility of technology, but I suspect more is sheer ignorance or even... Continue Reading →

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