In praise of the Greasy Spoon

Breakfast anyone?

There are those amongst us that love the greasy spoon, and if that is you then you will have a favourite or two of your own. Be it the Maylands Café in Hemel Hempstead, the Regency Café in Westminster, the Market Diner in Brighton or the place in Bembridge Isle Of Wight on New year’s Day, these are the havens of peace in an otherwise frenetic schedule to which we gravitate time and time again. I particularly like a café inside St James’s Park station for example.

Here are my thoughts as to why…

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Do I look like I like Marmite?

I said Marmalade, thank you

The perils of ordering breakfast

I spend many of my mornings in small cafés (ok greasy spoons) as I like to leave early, miss the commuting crowd and get in early. This still leaves me time for a spot of breakfast. My needs are generally simple – a decent cup of tea (essential) and often some toast and marmalade. So why do I keep nearly getting Marmite?

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