Too many new Kindles – except in the UK

So September 28th did see the launch of the new Kindle Fire (as I have been raving about recently, e.g. here)  and in fact more than that we were treated to three new models (with variations). The reasonably obvious predictions I made a few weeks ago (here) were not massively wrong so I am pleased, however a couple of days later I find I am not pleased as much as I might have been. This blog entry discusses why…

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Amazon Announcement September 28 2011

Just to note that it appears Amazon will announce the coyote Kindle tablet this Wednesday (and it will be called the Kindle Fire I gather). I wonder how close my thoughts will be on this? It certainly looks like the price will be right – $250 so let’s hope a sensible UK price!

Update (27 September) it appears this may be a low specification Blackberry Playbook. Has Amazon cut the specification too far? If I buy this will I get burned?