Me too?!

So are we in momentous times? Remembering how fast evolution happens on the Internet I thought I would reflect on a few current events, much as I did here. This time I mull over the launch of Google+, the sale of MySpace and probably throw a few insults at Facebook on the way!

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Layered Internet

CakeThe Internet is like a cake – always popular but you have too much and it makes you sick. No, not really (well maybe yes). The analogy I am actually after pertains only to certain types of cake. Start again…

The Internet is like a layered cake – it has layers. Not as dramatic I know, but please read on; I’m going to make a point that you need a perspective on the Internet to understand why it is not all bad nor all good and accept it for what it is. I then go on to make a nebulous comparison to the human mind. All this on a Friday! Still at least I mention cake!

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