London Riots August 2011

This has been a grim week for anyone connected with England – riots on streets bringing back memories of the 1980s (which to me felt very different though maybe it is me who has changed). I am no great political commentator, clearly a lot of the trouble was opportunist copy cat stuff and clearly a lot of the initial participants are from a deeply un-connected part of society at large, if indeed they are in society at all.

This all against (or triggered by) a deeper economic malaise pervading capitalism that now is taking on the aspects of a generational problem.

Sat in Ireland most of the time I felt slightly removed from it all and also a fraud tweeting and blogging about the usual mix of topics when the real world was suffering.

I thought I would note (in summary) two letters in the Thursday 11th edition of the Irish Times to show the contrast reactions…

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So why did England play so poorly in the 2010 World Cup?

First things first, I am to football punditry what Patrick Moore is to ballet. Nevertheless, as a fan I am as entitled to my ill-informed opionion as anyone else.

Before I start, why do I care enough to put this in my blog? Well, as those of you in the know will realise, when the original FA rules for modern football were gathered together, they were heavily influenced by the rules already in use in Cambridge and as played on Parker’s piece (see here if you don’t believe me.) Seeing as Parker’s Piece is also where I live (see here if you still don’t believe, you sceptical lot,)  I say that if ‘Football’s Coming Home’ (and here‘s another link) I have a genuine interest, though if Sunday 27th June 2010 is anything to go by, I’d better keep waiting.

On to my thoughts:

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