The lions roared – World Cup 2018 concluded

So, after a month of Russia 2018, one of the best World Cups in memory, England matched their Italia 90 performance (just about) with Harry Kane's Golden Boot and losing the consolation play-off match to a stronger Belgium. We outperformed and the connection between people and the team is stronger than it has been for... Continue Reading →


World Cup 2018 – the semi finals!

Wow! England overcame Sweden comfortably and are now in the World Cup semi-finals for only the third time (1966 and 1990 being the others). We play Crotia on Wednesday and then next stop (!!!) the final. Croatia seemed inhibited in their game against Russia, but that's no reason to assume they won't rise to the... Continue Reading →

London Riots August 2011

This has been a grim week for anyone connected with England - riots on streets bringing back memories of the 1980s (which to me felt very different though maybe it is me who has changed). I am no great political commentator, clearly a lot of the trouble was opportunist copy cat stuff and clearly a... Continue Reading →

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