Troll Below?

I have noticed several bridges here in Dublin have the phrase ‘Troll Below?’ sprayed on them through a stencil about A4 size. I have seen this on a few bridges and google gives me no answers (except a photo I have borrowed).

I note this out of curiosity but also out of loyalty to all graffiti adorned landmarks, wherever you are!

I even noticed one on Ha’penny Bridge!


View from the Bridge

If I weren’t a Cambridge lamppost themed blog, but were instead a Dublin Bridge themed blog, I always thought I’d be called The View from the Bridge. The bridge in question would, of course, be Ha’penny Bridge which strides the River Liffey in the middle of Dublin. This would not only be because it has its own lampposts (!) but because it has the advantage of being central, well known and iconic. If you want to know more of the bridge wiki is your friend (here); if you want the view carry on reading!

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What the Silver Blazes is going on in the Fair City?

Samuel Beckett Bridge Dublin
Like the ‘dog in the night’ in the Sherlock Holmes story Silver Blaze (hence the title) you sometimes understand more about a person, place or situation by what doesn’t happen. I am currently spending some time in Dublin (the Fair City of the title) and caught the airport bus into the city today which enabled me to do some unintended sight seeing…

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