The latest issue of Cam the magazine for alumni (see here) has a feature on Fitzbillie's that Cambridge icon know, if for nothing else, as the purveyor of the finest Chelsea Buns ever enjoyed. When I was at Cambridge in the early 1980s these were ubiquitous and regular queues formed through the shop door to get them... Continue Reading →


The Joy of Thermodynamics

Science can be fun - really! Why write this piece? Early January 2011 the BBC science show Horizon presented a show led by the comedian Ben Miller who also it transpires studied for a PhD in Physics in Cambridge at the Cavendish! As he was so kind as to spend several minutes talking in front... Continue Reading →

Footprints in the sands of time

That by which we are remembered Introduction This week saw the vanity publication of Tony Blair's Journey setting out how he'd like to be remembered. Sadly it is posterity that does the remembering and not us, so I've penned a few jottings on how some people get remembered. Enjoy! Longfellow In the poem A Psalm... Continue Reading →

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