About Me

I need somewhere to express my random thoughts such that they don’t vanish completely. The attraction of a blog to me is that it is a bit like a journal but doesn’t have blank pages making it clear when you haven’t posted! For a more serious blog please try TheCraftofWords.

I try and post at least once a week and wander between gadgets / music / whatever takes my fancy. I sometimes try to find an angle on events in the UK or the world of technology.

In case you are interested, the origin of the name(s) follows:

  • Helmstone from the end of Brighthelmstone the original name for Brighton (where I was born)
  • Reality Checkpoint an electric lamp (very Narnian) in the middle of Parker’s Piece a park in Cambridge. The picture is a winter’s view from roughly where the lamp is standing. Given most pictures are summer / grassy I was pleased when I found this.

Thanks for your time!

PS – if you did want to get in touch or suggest a topic, try  twitter @helmstone

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