Paul Darrow (1941-2019)

Paul Darrow.jpgBy now fans will have heard of the passing of actor Paul Darrow, noted for playing Kerr Avon in the TV (and latterly audio) show Blake’s 7. I only encountered Paul a few times off-screen, first being a talk a he gave to the university science fiction society (probably in 1982 not long after the series ended). He came across as caring deeply about the show and his character.

More recently we were treated to a lot more Avon when Big Finish began to produce a range of Blake’s 7 audios, and he attended a one-day convention near Windsor a few years ago. Despite being in a wheelchair following his leg amputations, he had a sharp (if grim) wit and came across as full of life as ever.

More unusually, he also did a lot of work for a radio station called Jack FM as an announcer. When it was available near me I used to tune in just for the delight of hearing Paul (essentially as Avon) making quips and passing comment between tracks.

He’ll be missed.


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