1976 – a year in science fiction

1976.pngIf you’ve been tracking these short posts since 1970 kicked them off, you’ll know the form by now. It’s a set of posts listing key releases in science fiction that shaped the 1970s from the perspective of a UK fan. It’s not exhaustive, nor is it meant to be.


Again please let me know if I’ve missed anything glaring by using the comments. Thanks for dropping by!

Science fiction books

  • Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War wins the Hugo, ahead of Roger Zelazny’s Doorways in the Sand and Robert Silverberg’s The Stochastic Man (and others)
  • Roger Zelazny did get the Hugo for his novella Home is the Hangman
  • Asimov’s The Bicentennial Man appears
  • Frank Herbert brings us Children of Dune
  • Anne McCaffrey thrills us with Dragonsong
  • Michael Moorcock’s The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius, The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the 20th Century, The End of All Songs, Moorcock’s Book of Martyrs

Science fiction films

  • A Boy and His Dog won the Hugo for best dramatic presentation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Dark Star
  • David Bowie appears as The Man Who Fell to Earth
  • Logan’s Run is released
  • Other titles include Futureworld and At the Earth’s Core

Science fiction on TV (UK)

  • Star Maidens
  • The Bionic Woman
  • Children of the Stones
  • The New Avengers

Science fiction music

  • Jon Anderson releases Olias of Sunhillow
  • Vangelis releases Albedo 0.39
  • Jean Michel Jarre releases Oxygène

Other stuff

  • The Cray-1 supercomputer is introduced
  • The Queen sends her first email
  • Steve Wozniak completes the Apple-1

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