Huw Lloyd Langton: 1951 – 2012

Huw Lloyd LangtonHuw Lloyd Langton, sometime lead guitarist and more recently support act for Hawkwind passed away on the night of December 6th – 7th 2012 having been fighting cancer for the last two years. Huw had not been well for some years having suffered from kidney failure, brittle bones and Legionnaires’s Disease at various times.

I don’t intend to reprise Huw’s career – if you knew of Huw you probably know everything I do about his time in and out of Hawkwind; instead I thought I’d record a few of my own memories.

A lovely guy

Huw was one of the nicest people I ever encountered. Many’s the gig Huw has turned up through the fans shortly before his set and spent half the time chatting and saying hi to people. He clearly loved his music and was always grateful for the attention he received.

I remember him often standing in the crowd watching rest of a gig after he had been on stage and you’d notice him stood in the crowd, chatting and enjoying the occasion. He would always stop for a chat – I once bumped into him as I was leaving Paddington Station early one morning; we had a conversation about a gig I had seen him at recently.

Another time I had a wonderful afternoon in a field in Cowley, Oxford at a local festival for Elder Stubbs a charity for those with mental health concerns. Huw played at Elder Stubbs many years in a row. The first time I went Huw’s music lingered in the summer’s afternoon air like magic. I had a quick chat with him afterwards and I felt he was more pleased to be talking to a fan than I was to be talking to him!

God Bless

At the end of every set Huw would sign-off with ‘God Bless You’. I last saw Huw Lloyd Langton play live at The Brook in Southampton on June 4th 2012, which may have been one of his very last performances. Again he signed off in his usual way. Now it is my turn to say:

God Bless You, Huw!


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