Self-hosting – what did I decide

Back in June I posted on the topic of selecting a hosting service and moving away from (here). Well I made my decision and have chosen Vidahost and thought I would compare my actual decision with the strategy I outlined in June. If you are interested in how I made my choice or just generally intrigued by the task of moving to self-hosted why not read on? There’s a link and I provide a discount code if you’re interested!

Did I follow my strategy?

Let us first list the key points of the strategy (without repeating the logic):

  1. cPanel
  2. Only take out one years hosting
  3. Check out the exit arrangements
  4. Make sure you can lift all the content at the end
  5. Think long and hard about the domain name and manage separately.

I decided to go with Vidahost and I think I broadly followed my own advice as follows:

  1. Yes. The use of cPanel was non-negotiable
  2. Yes. Three years for two is attractive but I held firm. I also went with the most basic package for a month or two which I will upgrade as I get ready to transition blogs
  3. Vidahost responded to the only clarification I had about end of contract domain transfer
  4. Not easy to test in advance but the mechanisms all look to be in place
  5. I’ve picked a domain name (I will in fact have more than one eventually) but in the end bundled it as my exit question covered that scenario so no risk.

I will let you know about my migration plans and story later!

UPDATE – if you want a link, please click for Vidahost hosting! If you want a discount code, use helm0001!

Have you picked any self-hosting? Do you agree with my criteria or did I miss something? Let me know!


About Tony Jones
Big Finish writer, reviewer and blogger, I'm interested in science fiction and Doctor Who. I review for CultBox, The Doctor Who Companion and others. I am also Lead Writer for Starburst Magazine, and write the occasional piece for Vortex, the BSFA critical magazine.

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