Huw Lloyd Langton – 4th June 2012

Post street party Monday June 4th 2012 found me at The Brook in Southampton to see Hawkwind (reviewed here) supported by Huw Lloyd Langton. [NB my pictures of the gig are on Flickr here]. Huw came on stage around 8:30 and despite some technical problems (more later) gave a decent account of himself and naturally the crowd had nothing but respect for him. I myself have seen Huw over the years playing lead in front of a packed crowd at Hammersmith Odeon (as was), in a field in Oxford and in support for odd gigs in recent years. Clearly various illnesses and other challenges have left their mark but this was, at least for me, a decent little set.

The Set

First up was Outside the Law which is often played and was fine. This was then followed by a track Huw plays a lot and I can not remember the name! The audience all join in with ‘absolutely nothing’ if htat helps.

During this Huw’s guitar / lead / effects developed a fault; as Huw normally plays a semi-acoustic he used his mike to capture the guitar and a second mike for vocals. Richard Chadwick appeared on drums and the Captain himself Dave Brock appeared to play on Smokestack Lightning equipped with Harmonica.

Meanwhile Dave lent Huw one of his guitars (pictured) and Huw rounded up with Hurry on Sundown accompanied by Richard.

Everyone was happy!


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