Cowon C2

So I decided my slowly ailing Cowon D2 needed to be replaced (battery failing to hold charge, innumerable file system problems) and scouted around but still concluded that Cowon was the way to go. I duly bought the C2 which is (obviously) the sequel to the D2 (unlike the D3 – don’t ask!) and waited eagerly for it to arrive.

Having unpacked, charged and used for a couple of weeks am I happy? Read on to find out…

The Device

Smoother and smaller than the D2 this looks the part as you unpack it from its box. It takes yet another USB cable (different from my phone and Kobo) so I have bought a second cable to make sure I can maximise the usage of the device. Apart from the cable this is a great physical package with hanging stylus to get filthy.

The Sound

Loading music is via USB2 from Windows Media Player (in my case) and works fine. Switching on the device is responsive and updates the library far faster than the D2 ever did. Also (so far) no library corruptions. Music sounds sensational and possibly better than the D2 – certainly more options that all sound good.

The UI

This is where it all goes wrong. The screen is touch sensitive and with no stylus it is easy to select an album when trying to slide the display, I can’ work out how to delete and no two screens appear designed by the same person. This needs a new GUI (e.g. Rockbox?) to get around the problems. As I mostly listen to albums from start to finish I don’t suffer too badly; I imagine to others this must be almost unusable.

Four/Five for me


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