Ryka’s Café – Boxhill A24 near Dorking

Tucked away in a car park / picnic area between the M25 and Dorking on the A24 Ryka’s café is a decent place to break a journey and grab something to eat. It reminded me a bit of Ockham Bites (see here) but I prefer this to that, though obviously it all depends on where you are travelling. It is also very popular with bikers and has lots of posters to that effect.

A more detailed review follows…


Unlike Ockham Bites, this is a proper place to sit down and take a break rather than sit outside. They do full breakfasts and also food during the day. It opens sometime after 7:30 and by that time there were half-a-dozen of us waiting the two times I visited.

The cooking is fine and a decent cup of tea though in a take-away cup not a real mug.

Last Thoughts

Another location for the map and it would appear that Ryka’s will be busy for some time to come!


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