Kindle, Kindle, little star

We all know what the Kindle is and (at least in the UK) it is the ebook reader of choice. I know that in the US the Barnes & Noble Nook has made an impact but that device hasn’t crossed the pond. While I like a good book to hold I see the attraction in e-books particularly access to old titles and convenience of form-factor (plus simpler storage). I have held off getting one mainly as I really want a tablet, so I am keen to understand what the next Kindle (due October 2011?) will be. Ahead of that I thought I would make a some predictions and also speculate on how successful it will be (and is it a threat to the iPad’s global domination?)

What do we know?

We know (as much as we know anything) that it will be an Android device and out this Autumn. Beyond that I have seen some ‘leaked’ specifications that seem reasonably state of the art, with various apple fanbois digging at ‘only two fingers on the interface’. Rather sad really.

What do I predict

In increasing order of confidence:

  1. It will have a clear e-reader function, maybe a dual boot mode
  2. It will retain the e-ink which is fundamental to the success
  3. It will have a similar form factor to the existing Kindle – if it works don’t fix it
  4. From the B&N Nook we know a bit of colour and touch screen are important
  5. I think the keyboard will become virtual to give more space to the display
  6. It will be a more than adequate Android device and come with the range of WiFi / 3G / 4G options
  7. It will be a success (in fact this I should have put first).

Will it succeed

Yes. The advantages over yet another tablet are clear:

  1. Good brand already
  2. Good ecosystem with Amazon Kindle experience
  3. Android will be increasingly stable
  4. The size of Amazon can give apple real problems in terms of discounting on unit price
  5. I will buy one so it must be good!

About Tony Jones
Big Finish writer, reviewer and blogger, I'm interested in science fiction and Doctor Who. I review for CultBox, The Doctor Who Companion and others. I am also Lead Writer for Starburst Magazine, and write the occasional piece for Vortex, the BSFA critical magazine.

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