View from the Bridge

If I weren’t a Cambridge lamppost themed blog, but were instead a Dublin Bridge themed blog, I always thought I’d be called The View from the Bridge. The bridge in question would, of course, be Ha’penny Bridge which strides the River Liffey in the middle of Dublin. This would not only be because it has its own lampposts (!) but because it has the advantage of being central, well known and iconic. If you want to know more of the bridge wiki is your friend (here); if you want the view carry on reading!

Looking South

South (-ish) from the bridge you get to the Temple Bar area. Back in the early 90s this was beginning to become the tourist destination of choice; now in 2011 it is a microcosm of the tourist’s dream version of Ireland City life – bars, throngs of people, buskers, colour, music in every pub, traditional Irish Stew and so forth. Now some of the institutions are genuinely but have embraced the look and feel for the money that the tourists bring.

I had a short stroll through and my over-riding impression (and this was early evening on a July Tuesday) was too busy, too noisy and probably very few actual Dublin residents to be found. I sloped off to find something quieter.

I suppose this is no different to Covent Garden in London in terms of intensity of places to east and take your money but this is a bubble largely unaffected by the economic straits that have left scars on the city elsewhere. Very few premises are closed unlike the scenery if you stroll along the banks of the Liffey.

I remember when you could wander round early evening, sit in a pub with a paper and unwind. No more [god I sound old!]


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