Topfield 5800 PVR


Sometimes you buy a bit of technology and wonder how you lived without it; you are taken to a new level in capability and would never do without again. In a bid to re-balance this blog towards its original aspirations I present my review of the Topfield 5800 PVR (or toppy as everyone calls it!)

The Topfield 5800

In a nutshell the toppy is a UK Freeview TV recorder with a 160 Gb disc (it is from 2005!), twin DVB-T tuners (Freeview to you and me) and a USB port. It also sports an optical out which I have used occasionally.

In terms of functionality it support time slip, play back whilst record (mixed success) and an eight day EPG from which recordings can be made.

Why is it so good?

Well many reasons, mostly because five and a half years later it still works, but more particularly:

  • I have recorded more radio shows than I ever thought possible and transferred off via USB and converted to MP3 for ubiquitous listening
  • The box is well supported by a community hosted here who have added enormous value (now mostly wound down)
  • As anyone knows timeslipping TV is the only way to live
  • The box has been fault free.

On the down side, what I would really like now is:

  • Ethernet connectivity built in (and probably wireless)
  • HD once my area goes to Digitial Switch Over
  • At least 1Tb storage
  • DLNA both from it and too it so it can act as a hub

Anyhow with switch over in my area not until next year I think the toppy will survive a few more months and then a new purchasing decision.


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