Robert Calvert

…the Roger Waters of Hawkwind?

Why write this?

There is plenty on the web to inform the curious as to who Robert Calvert was and what he did and I do not intend to repeat that here. I just want to give my only tiny slice of Calvert history and make one observation. As to whether or not he is the Hawkwind equivalent of Roger Waters I would suggest he is similar to that but not quite; nor is he the equivalent of Peter Gabriel or Robbie Williams.

My slice of Calvert History

As I wrote here I happened to see Robert Calvert the time when I first saw Hawkwind; sadly I didn’t know enough to appreciate the relevance of that at the time. After he died (not long later) I went to the chaotic all day event in Brixton in his honour which I enjoyed though do remember long periods of hanging around. Such is life! Apart from that all I have is the enjoyment of his many contributions to the Hawkwind canon and his few (mostly excellent) solo albums.

An observation

The one thing that sticks in my mind, though, is the phenomenal success of his seminal Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters a blistering melee of pounding rock, poetry, humour, sarcasm and more members of Hawkwind than many Hawkwind albums. I won’t attempt to tell you why you should own this album if you don’t, but will point out that I have on more than one occasion found people that would never listen to Hawkwind (ok they know Silver Machine) but rate this. I even once was driving a work colleague around and when I put this on raved about once travelling around Germany (fittingly) one summer with friends constantly playing this album and never knowing what it was. Yet these people are happy not to get into the mighty Hawkwind!

In conclusion

That’s all I have to say, nothing deeper than still more than 25 years on from his death he still exercises a strange attraction. Oh yes and if you like Calvert, check out Krankschaft his old backing band!


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