Time Traveller’s Guide to early 1980s Cambridge

You’re in Cambridge – so what year is it?

A common problem faced by time travellers is knowing what year they’ve arrived in – let’s face it, walking up to strangers and asking the year can lead to odd glances! Being stood in the middle of Parker’s Piece could make me a natural point of reference, but I have been here since at least before WWII, and had so many versions of my name plastered on my sides since the early 1970s that I lose track.

I thought therefore I would give some pointers as to early 1980s Cambridge as an aid to the weary time traveller.

You’re eating a Fitzbillie’s Chelsea Bun

Good proof that you are in Cambridge, but it happens that the world’s best Chelsea Buns have been around since around 1930. Good taste though.

You’re having a drink in the Eagle

As a time traveller you may want to be in The Eagle waiting for Crick & Watson to announce the discovery of DNA – well the date is important and it needs to be 28 February 1953. Come here in the early 80s and the pub may well be shut for refurbishment. If it’s full of American Air Force men writing on the ceiling its World War II I’m afraid!

You’re going to Waffles Café

This could work, Waffles closed in the Kite in the early 80s before moving to Castle Hill, so this essential food-stuff could be what you need to locate. They were great as well! In fact go look for the Kite, if it’s being knocked down then early 80s, if it’s all shops then late 80s

Glad to have been of help!


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