Does the M25 actually exist?

Is London’s Orbtial motorway real?

Consider – London is surrounded by a complete, circular motorway called the M25. In central London are several major railway termini (I am sure old Latinate plurals aren’t used any more, I just can’t bring myself to type terminuses [except there of course]) including Victoria, Euston, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street and Paddington. I have commuted by train into London many 100s of times (probably on for 2,000 sadly) in the last 12 years yet I have never seen the M25 from the train. Where is it?

Is it just me?

Well over the years I have mentioned this to several people, who although looking askance, can’t actually recall seeing the M25 either! This bothers them and they soon change the conversation (and stop getting on trains with me). I have checked this for routes from Paddington West, Kings Cross and Euston North and Victoria. No M25!

I have driven also the M25 many times, so it does exist somewhere.


My Theory

It seems clear to me that there is a split in space-time with (maybe) a perception filter to stop us being to concerned about the anomaly. The railway’s were (mostly) built in Victorian times and exist in one branch of reality and the M25 is more recent in its own branch of reality! Simple really.

I have been in touch with Torchwood over this in case it is rift activity, but so far no answer.


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Big Finish writer, reviewer and blogger, I'm interested in science fiction and Doctor Who. I review for CultBox, The Doctor Who Companion and others. I am also Lead Writer for Starburst Magazine, and write the occasional piece for Vortex, the BSFA critical magazine.

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  1. Found your web site via yahoo the other day and absolutely think its great. Keep up the great work.


    • helmstone says:

      Thanks very much, I’ll try!


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